Blender Plugin Bone Axis Alignment


  1. Flip the Bone Axis in edit mode
  2. Parse the bone tree to generate alignment groups
  3. Create ik bones


Axis Alignment

  1. Fill the Exclude filter to exclude all bones unwanted
  2. Click the Parse Armature
    It will build groups of bones along branches of the bone tree
  3. Click the group to select
  4. Select the axis to the target axis and flip it by clicking the check box next to the axis
  5. Click Select to show all bones in the group selected
  6. Add or remove bones according to your needs(Shift + LClick on the target bone), then click Assign
  7. Click ApplyAlignment to perform the flip

Create IK Bone (after confirming the axial direction)

  1. Click ParseArmature, it will Automatically fill in the corresponding bone name
  2. Click Create IK Bones

Author: wuguyannian
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