Unreal Plugin TapDB

  • This is a plugin that helps link to the third party library TapDB and is currently only available for basic stand-alone computers
  • [Unreal Marketplace]
  • official Website


  • Set AppId in the ProjectSettings
  • Enable OAID in the ProjectSettings


  1. Click Register to create TapDB account, or log in to TapDB account
  2. CreateCorporate
  3. Click new item
  4. Set the Name, then Generate games
  5. Copy AppId what is generated by name
  6. Paste to Unreal->ProjectSettings->TapDB->AppId
  7. Run your Android Game
  8. Click the project on the official website of TapDB. After passing the test, you can click Debugging completed, enter the project
  9. Finish. Look at your datas

Author: wuguyannian
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