DataTable Save

This plugin is help us to procedurally generate game level data

  1. Save tilemap procedurally
  2. Save Spawnning infomation procedurally
  3. Help the map editor save the edit information


  • Use String to find the Data Table
  • Clear the Data Table
  • Save a row to the Data Table
  • Remove a row from the Data Table
  • Save the Data Table


  1. Create a Blueprint Struct and Create a Data Table with it
  2. Use the string to look up the Data Table, or you can select the file yourself later

    It’s better to right click the file, and select the Copy Reference

  3. Clear the Data Table, if needed. Select the Clear Data Table to Clear the Data Table
  4. Save a row to the Data Table by RowName
  5. Remove a row from the Data Table by RowName
  6. Save the update to the Data Table

Author: wuguyannian
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