Lyra Extention Gamefeature Plugin TankArena

  • This is an extended game prototype example of the official example game Lyra, Tank Arena
  • ArtStation Link
    // Because the current official temporarily does not support the GameFeature plugin


  1. Spawn Queue
  2. Building implementation Example (Diff Char from player)
  3. Multiplayer Aim by Control Yaw
  4. Control Rig Aim Action
  5. Cosmetic uses sample tank parts
  6. Traditional boundary camera
  7. Simple drop implementation (Immunity, IncreaseMoveSpped, IncreaseBulletSpeed)


  1. Download Files
  2. Copy to the Lyra project root directory for overwriting
  3. Right-click project file
  4. Generate the VisualStudio project file
  5. Open the VisualStudio project file
  6. Verify the project compile configuration
  7. Build project
  8. Run the project and select the TankArena experience

Author: wuguyannian
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