BM Weapon System

  • This Plugin create the base shooting flow framework, and implements the main shooting types.


  • C++ implementation of base Shoot flow framework
  • Aim system (just add a component and implements a interface)
  • C++ implementation of Scan for Laser, Missile, Launcher
  • The missile targets are evaluated and the best target is selected by different scoring system
  • The Launcher supports the prediction path and attacks the specified target
  • Laser presentation implementation in blueprint
  • Launcher presentation implementation in blueprint
  • Missile presentation implementation in blueprint
  • Cannon(normal weapon) presentation implementation in blueprint
  • Target Unit in blueprint
  • Tank Unit in blueprint
  • Character Unit in blueprint
  • Tank Controller in blueprint and c++
  • Character Controller in blueprint
  • Weapons are loaded by DataTable
  • Character and Tank use the same weapon system and data
  • Character and Tank use mesh sockets to make weapon difference


  1. Enable the Plugin and Restart
  2. Create Object Collision Type
    1. Settings -> Collision
    2. New Object Channel: Name -> Bullet
  3. Add Input Action
    1. Shoot: Space/LMouse Button
    2. SwitchWeapon: Q
  4. Add Input Axis
    1. MoveRight: A/D
    2. MoveForward: W/S
    3. AimRight: H/K
    4. AimForward: U/J
  5. Set Show Plugin Content in the View Options of Content Browser(Right Down Cornner)
  6. Set GameMode and Map
    1. Settings -> Maps & Modes
    2. Default GameMode -> BP_BMGameMode
    3. Editor Startup Map -> BMWeaponExamleMap
  7. Open Map
    1. Click [the Brow to BMWeaponExamleMap in the Content Browser] (Right Cicle Icon)

Author: wuguyannian
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