Unreal Plugin InputRecord

  • Used to record and play player input to preserve a consistent test environment and help to adjustments such as vehicle configuration
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    // The plug-in link will be updated in January


  1. Recording player input
  2. Play player input
  3. Save the record to a file
  4. Read records to a file


  1. Add the InputRecord component to the player controller
  2. Add keys and functions
  3. 1Start recording input (memory)
  4. 2End Recording input (memory)
  5. 3Play recorded input (memory)
  6. 4Save input record (file)(Game\Saved\Inputs\ControlName_PawnName.inputrec)
  7. 5Read input record (file)


  1. Show the keys recording:InputRecord.bShowRecordKey
  2. Show the axis keys recording:InputRecord.bShowRecordAxisKey
  3. Show all keys playing:InputRecord.bShowPlay

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